Dainami - The Process (Independent) - Back
Dainami is said to be a mix of Jane's Addiction (musically), Tool, the Deftones, Radiohead and the Cure. "The Process" might show some aspects from these bands, but it has turned their music into long and drawn out songs. When these songs get drawn out it tends to lead to the boredom side of music. I found myself doodling on paper when I was listening to this CD, and sometimes forgetting that it was playing in my CD player. The CD isn't completely boring like this, but if any CD gets your bored, there is probably a good reason. At times Dainami reminds me of the Swans, early in their career with their long drawn out songs. They turned into being a pretty good band. Whether these guys do the same thing or not, currently their music is to bland to catch any ones attention. Maybe next time guys, I'm always willing to give a band another chance.

Rating: 42