Dam - Purity: The Darwinian Paradox (Candlelight) - Back
“Purity: The Darwinian Paradox” is Dam’s first full-length album. On this disc they have created a death and thrash experience. Influenced by Carcass, Death, At The Gates, and Emperor, this intricate form of death thrash shows a good balance of technicality and brutal metal. I’m sure their home of London, England knows all about it. Heavy and intense riffs grab you by the balls! There are some eerie melodies as well…even melodic and heavy at the same time. On the microphone they use mostly ferocious death metal vocals. Clean vox are used to a lesser extent. The riffs make me think of the band Death right from the start of this disc, or even Cynic. But it almost sounds like they played on Carcass’ setup along with a little At The Gates fine-tuning. They have some of the writing ability of Death or Cynic and at the same time as the rawness of Carcass or At The Gates. Their Carcass sound is probably the most prevalent. On the other hand there were other parts that seemed a little stale and repetitious. Basically, there are parts with vitality that pull you into their music and others that kind of just hum at you with no defined direction. Don’t get me wrong; they have songs that will make drool like “Spirutual Void,” I just wish this energy was carried throughout every track on the disc. Dam have the ability, they just need to do more with it! Good first album!

Rating: 77