Damnable - Completely Devoted (Cudgel Agency) - Back
Polish death metal band, Damnable, is simple and straight forward, but effective. This disk is entitled "Completely Devoted." This is not the bands first release, but this is their first real album. They have had some splits with Haemorrhage, Incarnated, Yattering, Lost Soul, Decapitated, and Mixomatosis. The band is pretty intense, and the tempo they play at is lightning fast. They use the blast beat quite often and at times it seems to be over used, and then it makes you loose interest. Damnable also programs the drums. The twelve songs sometimes seem a little similar to each other as well. The best songs in my opinion are "Vertigo," "They Will Never Destroy Mountains" and "Unreal Telepathy." There is thirty-five minutes of music that sometimes sounds pretty good, it also has three videos for your computers that were recorded at Fuck the Commerce Festival.

Rating: 73