Darkane - Layer Of Lies (Nuclear Blast) - Back
Powerful leads, heavy thrashy riffs, tantalizing solos, pinpoint accurate drums all describe Darkane’s new disc “Layer of Lies.” There are twelve tracks and almost forty-three minutes on this forth album from this Swedish band. Many layers of music exist on this release, and I will try to describe the sound by relating it with other bands. The drums at times remind me of Fear Factory or Machine Head with a precise sound, very crisp! Several elements from Strapping Young Lad’s repertoire can be felt throughout this disc. Darkane has a lot of the same creativity on how the songs are put together…but this may not be as catchy as SYL. Singing vocals on occasion are reminiscent of Devin Townsend, even a similar death scream. The guitars can be very thrashy, almost Swedish death style at times, akin to At The Gates. Rounding out this compendium of metal, elements even remind me of Mercenary and Dark Angel as well as progressive traits. It’s almost as if they dwell on dynamics instead of just writing a song with great flow throughout; a few riffs seemed like abrupt changes. This is more of a straightforward technicality instead of a sound that sucks you into their music. But don’t think the talent in the band limits their sound. If you are into technicality, this will be very gripping for you. Darkane do have many heavy, metal elements that should grab just about every ones attention. My favorite track is “Contaminated” is a good example. Not many tracks really overwhelmed my senses, but, as I said, if you are into technical thrash, this disc is for you!

Rating: 79