Dark Remains - Death Manifestation (Cleansweep Productions) - Back
If you like death metal, then Dark Remains is what you should check out. Their debut full-length “Death Manifestation” sounds like death metal that came out ten years ago. Nothing gives me more of an adrenaline rush then music like the catchy death metal riffing style from the early 90’s. Dark Remains does it in the guttural death style…not bad, but not totally unique either. The album has that classic sound with catchy riffs like Immolation, Cannibal Corpse or Gutted and its held together with an assortment of leads, solos, and the boost of heaviness from the bass. This is what you should expect from a death metal band, an all-around solid album. Forty-five brutal minutes split between these ten songs shows the band doesn’t rely on cheap two-minute songs. Of the ten songs, the majority of them will get death metal fans saluting their horned fists in the air. A few songs grabbed my attention including “Burned to the Stake,” “Searching for a Manmade Armageddon,” and “Impaled Silhouets.” The other songs have their good parts as well. Once again, death metal fans should check this out!

Rating: 72