Dark Tranquillity - Character (Century Media) - Back
Gothenburgs' melodic masters are upon us once again. Character is another step in the right direction, leaving Damage Done an ember of yesterdays' marvels. The Swedes 7th album is both technically melodic and courageously aggressive from start to finish. "My Negation" is one of the most melodic tracks Dark Tranquillity have ever recorded, and is one of my favorite songs on this album. I also enjoy the opening track, "The New Build", which is the perfect pickup point whence Damage Done left off and features ripping blast-beats and swiftly executed aggression. Things do slow down a bit from here on, but does not favor any kind of softness unreminiscent of Dark Tranquillity. There is, however, much more collaboration with keyboards as with any previous DT release. This is NOT a flaw. Matter of fact, the keyboards are delivered perfectly alongside the crunchy technical guitars, bass and delicately precise drumming... not to mention, Mikael Stannes' relentless growls. EVERY track is a good track, and I mean EVERY track!! There is a certain melodic groove to everything on Character that simply, no other band in Gothenburg can accomplish anymore. If you were to ask me, this is DT's finest album so far! What else could've been hoped for from Dark Tranquillity? You've got yer guttural growls and shrieking screams- perfect for death metal. You've got yer technical and charismatic guitar soloing. You've got yer percussive, melodic grooves. Lastly, you've got one of yer top albums of 2005!! Gitter Done!

Rating: 96

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell