Dark Tranquillity - Projector (Century Media Records) - Back
If you are a fan of Melodic Death Metal or "Gothenburg Metal" this release is captivating. Focusing only on this release Dark Tranquillity adds extra emotion to pretty much each track with some harsh vocals by Mikael Stanne but a lot of clean also. There are clean vocals done by Johanna Andersson as well on the track "Undo Control". From all of the DT releases that I've heard (Skydancer, The Mind's I, The Gallery, and Character) this by far is MY PERSONAL FAVORITE.

The reason I esteem this release so highly is being a fan of Melodic Death Metal myself every track on here is filled with amazing clean and distorted guitar. It isn't that the tracks with clean vocals only but they have formulated this album so that there's a good mixture of each on almost every song. Tempo ranges for each track are moderate, no blast beating (sorry Extreme DM fans!!!), or anything that is SUPER HEAVY.

"Projector" received a Swedish Grammy Award!!! Getting back to the music, there are some "ballads" such as "Auctioned", "Undo Control", "To A Bitter Halt", etc. but they are mixed with electric distorted melodic riffs as well not only just clean but on these a lot of clean vocals pretty much dominating so that every song will attract anyone who really likes "Gothenburg Metal" that is set in a pretty moderate super emotional tracks.


Reviewed By: Death8699 - http://www.death8699.com/