David Neil Cline - Through Scrutiny (Gazochtahagen Records) - Back
Musician, David Neil Cline is back with a new CD entitled "Through Scrutiny." After hearing some of his previous music, I can say that this might be his best work to date. It is always good to see musicians improve themselves. David's music changes styles from song to song, but stays in an eighties style pretty much the whole album. From the acoustic to the heavy riffing, this disk screams 80's. It reminds me a little when I was growing up. Cline has taken a little different approach to this CD, adding weird sound effects, interesting keyboards, and some humor. I don't know if that adds anything to the disk, but it does kind of tie the CD together. The fourteen tracks and fifty-three minutes plus of music shows what this man can do. Track eleven, "50 Foot Woman," has an amazing solo, and if you want to find out if he can play, you need to check it out. "Morpheus" is a great acoustic guitar instrumental, which seems to be the albums only true break from the faster paced songs. Mr. Cline has brought forth the talent that should catch attention of some people. "Through Scrutiny" is a journey through the strange, yet up tempo. Will you be the next to take the journey?

Rating: 79