David Neil Cline - Malefic Influence (Gazochtahagen Records) - Back
"Malefic Influence" was David Neil Cline's first full length, and even though it's a little dated, since it was released in 1989, it still sounds pretty damn good. It does have the eighties metal sound, a little like Helloween crossed with Motley Crue. The songs are put pretty well together, I'm surprised that these guys didn't get the recognition like Motley Crue or Poison back in the day. The music has some aspects that remind me of modern metal bands like Stratovarius and Blind Guardian. Some of the riffs are pretty catchy, the vocals aren't hard to listen to, and some of the solo's are amazing; David Neil Cline definitely knows how to rip on the guitar, there is no doubt there. All the songs on this album are decent. A lot of his riffs sound like cheese metal, which is fine, but those hair bands aren't popular that much anymore. So this music might be to dated for people to enjoy, it probably will remind you of the late eighties. There are 8 songs on this CD and it last for over 31 minutes. The tracks "Malefic Influence," "Governmental Brainwash," "Crazy Dream," and "I've Been Told"are my favorite tracks on this CD. In the last few years many of the bands from the 80's are coming back and putting out new albums and starting to tour together, I would like to see what David Neil Cline could do, I definitely think that he could keep up with the rest of them.

Rating: 70