David Neil Cline - A Fit Of Rage (Remixed Plus Two) (Gazochtahagen Records) - Back
David Neil Cline came out with his first demo called "A Fit Of Rage" back in 1987. And for a demo its not bad. Yes it has been remixed, but a lot of demos I get the sound quality for everything is horrible. This sounds like 80's metal, in every aspect. It has the Motley Crue and Helloween sound like all the music of his that I have heard does. The composition of this CD is lessor then his other music, but that does make sense, since this is his demo. There are 6 tracks on this demo that is one minute shy of 30 minutes. The tracks on this CD that I thought were decent are "U" and "False Reality." If your interested in checking out more on David Neil Cline check out his website at http://davidneilcline.com. Everyone should at least check him out.

Rating: 65