David Valdes - Paradise Lost (Heavencross Records) - Back
A growing rarity these days seems to be instrumental solo guitar players that are worth a damn. Well... David Valdes is worth a damn!! Paradise Lost is his first creation and contains 11 tracks (6 with the promo we recieved) of pure metal-inspired technical precision at it's utmost. David’s guitar influence appears to be Cacophony (Jason Becker / Marty Friedman) and classical music (Bach / Beethoven), but to me has a sound somewhere between Jason Becker and James Murphy (Testament / Obituary / Disincarnate / etc....). Basically, most rhythms performed are of the more extreme metal backbones like 80's thrash / early-90's death with a lot of Maiden-feel. No vocals, but there is no need. This is awesome stuff!! If you're big into Malmsteen, Cacophony, Megadeth, Dream Theater and bands similar, you'll have no problem loving this!!! A new album will be done soon as well...


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell