Dawnbringer - Catharsis Instinct (Icarus Records) - Back
Combining the sounds of In Flames and Iron Maiden, with a touch of Katatonia, Dawnbringer has definitely something going for them. They are melodic, heavy, progressive metal band, and they have an edge to their music as well. Some songs seem to be more worked out then others but this was a good album all together. "The Day The Deaf Went Blind," "The Man Who Could Not Die," and "Cosmos Disease" are my favorite tracks on this CD, they are very well written. "Cosmos Disease" is probably my favorite track, it's very dimensional. Track seven, "Halfman" is another decent track. The whole CD is forty-four minutes long, with twelve tracks of metal progression. Being together for a few years shows, its almost like they wrote these songs thinking of each note before they played it. The production is good, but there are some unneeded guitar sounds, that made it on the CD seemingly by accident. "Catharsis Instinct" is a good CD, and if your into anything from progressive metal to melodic death, there is something for you in one of their songs.

Rating: 80