Dawn of Defiance – Summoning Death (Independent) - Back
Dawn of Defiance is a one-man band from Uruguay. The sound created is of an aggressive death and thrash mix. “Summoning Death” is a two-song promo of tracks from their debut album. The eleven minutes of music on the disc is excellent, and the recent addition of more of a death metal style vocal, adds a little more of a punch to the tracks. The reverb used works with this kind of vocal, but it’s still a little too much, it distracts you a little from the music, in which, everyone should appreciate more anyhow. It kind of puts you in a daze and makes you forget about the music. But, death vocals work the best for these songs and mix well with the heavy catchy riffs and the multiple layers. The songs shoot into aggressive riffing from a melodic or less heavy sound; it’s good contrast. Nice music arrangements work well with the furious heavy riffs. The music is crisp and mixed well, but a little more mixing wouldn’t hurt. Both of the tracks have some nice elements in them and I love the double bass sound, it makes me want to get up and start moshing. “Summing Death,” the track, is my favorite of the two, it has that classic death/thrash sound. This band has lots of potential, hopefully it will be used for their advantage.

Rating: 70