Dawn Of Relic - Night On Earth (Season of Mist) - Back
The dawn has arisen once again and with it comes "Night On Earth". Dawn of Relic’s 3rd opus brings forth a more mature offering with loads of heavy, aggressive and melodic riffs, alongside demonic screams & upbeat tempos. Still as atmospheric and dark as ever in their music, but more melodic death metal-oriented this time. "Nemesis" may be their most prestigious track on the album laying out a rock n roll feel with an upbeat tempo, melodic & old-school death riffs mixed together, and a cool heavy metal-sounding solo. Although, "Sinbred City" and "Birth" are certainly worthy highlights too. This album is a bit shorter than "Lovecraftian Dark", but there is certainly more sophistication behind every tempo, riff and time-change like never before. Their album artwork has never lacked anything in a creative-sense either and again, their lyrics are inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s works. There are similarities to bands like Rotting Christ and Dark Tranquillity. Dawn of Relic are escalating fast in the dark metal world! For now is the time to experience them first hand.

Rating: 89

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell