Days And Nights In The Skeleton Crew – Working Class Stiffs (Wooden Man Records) - Back
The one thing that got me right off the bat was Days And Nights In The Skeleton Crew’s sound. It’s punk but not your normal kind. The sound is similar to many punk bands and this has a little of a metal edge…maybe punk metal or more extreme, experimental punk. As the band says they combine classical guitar with power chords, hardcore screams with haunting harmonies, synth-pop riffs with funk bass. With all these elements, it’s hard to put a finger on who they sound like. Maybe if you took the Misfits, the Faint, the Cramps and the Pixies mix it the Cure and Pink Floyd, you might get something close. This could be a new generation of punk rock, but if it is, it’s currently at its infancy. I really don’t know what to think of it, its almost to different to get into. Just when you get into a riff, they change it in a different direction. But to their benefit they do create quite a range of sounds. This also could be a reason that certain tracks are hit or miss; there are a few tracks that are just plain weird. However, they can get into a number of decent grooves and show some power and energy in their music. There are vocals that are general signing vocals and at times they take it up a notch and change to abrasive ones, similar to black metal or hardcore when they scream. There are a few tracks which I don’t mind, “Broken Thing,” “I Paid The Rent,” and “Dance To The Underground,” but for the most part I guess I didn’t get what they we trying to do. Hopefully their next album will shine some light on the subject.

Rating: 60