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It's interesting over the last year or two how metal music has changed. It seems that music that was once undesired has changed into a normal phenomena. So metal changes once again to stay away from anything that is normal. Deadbodieseverywhere is a great example of this change. Grindcore or Grindcore/Death Metal mixes are now becoming known. And like other bands in this genre, they are as chaotic. Deadbodieseverywhere sound is like a Cephalic Carnage with a cross of Eyehategod. You can also detect a little bit of a Benumb type sound. The only thing that is different with this band is that there music isn't as interesting. There are 13 tracks on this CD that spans about 35 minutes. My favorite songs on this CD are "Sloth," "Karmassacre," and "Henry's Revenge." I'm sure these guys will be around for a while because I don't see Grindcore or Grindcore/Death going anywhere. It's different, and that's what hardcore metal fans like!

Rating: 67