Death - Individual Thought Patterns (Relativity Records/Sony Music) - Back
I remember getting this album on tape and I played it so much that the tape could no longer be played. Production-wise (Scott Burns) was decent though I think that the music should've had a thicker sound to it like on Death's "Symbolic" release. In any case, this album musically I think is in my opinion their best ever. I've heard every single Death release "Spiritual Healing" was a favorite of mine until this was released. Even "Human" I esteem to be a great release as well.

It seems there was a lineup change with each release though Gene Hoglan stuck with them completing this release as well as "Symbolic". I've read some reviews of ITP and many said it had a Jazz feel to it. Maybe so I it IS melodic which is why it makes it a favorite of mine. I think that this release has the best lineup ever: Andy Laroche (Guitars), Chuck Schuldiner (Guitars & Vocals), Gene Hoglan (Drums) and Steve Digiorgio (Bass Guitar).

The solos by Laroche (every single one of them) has a great melodic feel to it and let me tell you that this guy simply shreds! You can really tell the difference between Chuck's solos and Andy's. Chuck (I think) is self-taught which is evident on the solo department. But his songwriting capabilities are phenomenal. Also, the lyrics on this release are also in my opinion the best ever that Chuck has written.

If you are eager to hear some tracks check out "Trapped In A Corner" and "In Human Form" for starters. These are great tracks hands down! So if you can overlook the overall production sound of the album you will find I think this to be your favorite Death release as well!


Reviewed By: Death8699 -