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This release is where Death becomes a little more than just a Death Metal act but adds some melodicism to it here. All tracks deserve mention but I'll cover all components to this release. The production aspect is somewhat lacking even though Scott Burns helped in this department. That's one of my only complaints about the album. Otherwise this release would get a higher rating from me.

Chuck made a good choice getting James Murphy on Lead Guitar the guy simply shreds!!! But Chuck's Rhythms on this release are simply phenomenal. Check out "Living Monstrosity" and "Altering The Future" and you'll get a taste of what I'm talking about. You can really hear the difference between Chuck's solos (which are less technical) and James' (quicker and a clean shred guitarist).

The lyrical content of the album I'd have to say was well written. If you do decide to pick this release up do check the lyrics! Chuck had a great writing style both lyrically and musically. I'm sure many people dismiss the lyrics but not in my case. Just go on and look up Death's "Spiritual Healing" then you'll get a taste of what I'm talking about.

My favorite tracks on this release were already mentioned not to say that the other songs weren't up to par but I feel that the first 2 songs were the strongest on the whole album. You can also download these songs. This way you can hear some of the recordings before making the purchase. I didn't much care for the first 2 Death releases but "Spiritual Healing" onward are definitely my personal favorites.

I always tend to look at the guitar work on albums mostly because I'm a guitarist myself. So suffice to say here that Chuck majorly improved his writing style on this release more so than the previous two releases. I think he aimed not only for the music to sound heavy but also to have some awesome rhythms that really stick in your head.

I would refer as being a Death Metal classic release no doubt. In my experience (I've been into Metal since the later 1980's) that "Spiritual Healing" is really a masterpiece. Not only because of the writing style but a lot of Death Metal acts at the time (1990) didn't seem to catch the ear on this one as well as a few other releases by DM acts back then.


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