Death Du Jour - Fragments of Perdition (Golden Lake Productions) - Back
Wow, this was quite the blast of musical tenure when I put this chunk of metal in my CD player! For Death du Jour is a death metal band from Finland with some of the most technical extremities I have heard since yesterday (...when I heard Anaal Nathrakhs' Codex Necro). The only real difference between these guys and any other band is well - no one really cares to play this chaotic! Unfortunately for those others and fortunate for Death du Jour, they present a fresh and fairly original sound that will soil any death metalheads' shorts. The vocals are super-hateful, the guitar and bass riffs are completely off time and technical, and the drums are over-the-top! All this crazy-ass melee that makes up "Fragments of Perdition," fits the mold they were trying to cook up with a spice unknown. It's like Gorguts' "Obscura," but more like early-Deicide on crack! This 4-piece is fast, technical, aggressive, chaotic, period. Most notable hymn for me: "Harlot Deliverance". Consisting of 8 tracks and around 35 minutes of pure agony to the ear lobes. You will not leave your listening station without some sort of relief! Better check your shorts just in case, though....

Rating: 93

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell