Deathwork - Evolve To Extinguish (Independent) - Back
“Evolve To Extinguish” is a six song EP by the Italian thrash / death metal band Deathwork. This CD is their second release and they already sound pretty good. Along with their death and thrash influences they do use a little old school sounding grind too. You could say it’s an aggressive thrashy death style like Sadus, Death, Oppressor, Vader, Slayer, and Withered Earth. The songs aren’t too complex but generally are catchy and fast-paced. A few of these riffs are pretty damn good; you can bludgeon your friends with them! Plenty of blast beats, and they weren’t overused. Average death vocals, not much else to say about them. The solos are decent, but with a little more fluidity it could push these tracks higher! Deathwork has a raw death style production, maybe too raw. Could be more powerful with a cleaner production. Still, it does fit the music approach. If you like oldschool thrash/death metal you will want to check out Deathwork!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins