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If Stoner Rock is to be a genre, then Debris Inc. are a classic example. With their self-titled debut album, Debris Inc., the accumulation of queasy head-spinning propaganda is limitless. This US-based group chains itself all the way back to bands like Saint Vitus (Dave Chandler), Trouble (Ron Holzner), Crowbar (Jimmy Bower), and Obsessed (Greg Rogers). These guys are very garage sounding with a slew of tracks that pretty much slow down and speed up from song to song. So they relax you and then energize you. That trait is uncommon among such bands in the doom metal genre, but very common in the punk genre... whence, Stoner Rock. I like "Pain" and "The Old Man and His Bong" because of the slower groove, almost Black Sabbath feel. There are a lot of very short tracks too like "Dime-A-Dozen" and "Shut Up". To me, there is too little focus on song structure and too much emphasis on everything else. I'll probably get hate mail from hardcore punk fans on this, but Debris Inc. do not cut it for me. To those of you into the aforementioned bands, however, you might find interest in Debris Inc.

Rating: 55

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell