Defiled - Ugliness Revealed (Baphomet) - Back
Defiled has made an album of furious death metal, but it's nothing impressing. All the sounds sound similar, nothing really sets the songs apart. Sometimes "Ugliness Revealed" shows a sloppy side of this band, it's almost like they did not really care about the production. But if you are into fast and brutal death metal, then you find this to your liking. There are many blast beats throughout this CD, along with the death growls and relentless guitar. I have some friends out there that would really enjoy this CD, but myself it was nothing special. There are many bands out there with this kind of fury. This band may have came from Japan, but it does not make this CD seem anymore impressive. I really didn't have any favorite tracks on "Ugliness Revealed," but if you are interested in this album then check out the tracks "Defeat of Sanity" and "Fatal Intrigue." Defiled's record label suggest these tracks. I'm not saying that this band sucks, not at all, but if they want to impress some people, then they might want to give us something that other death metal bands don't offer. Where might that lead? Well we will just have to see when they write a new album.

Rating: 68