Defleshed - Reclaim The Beat (Candlelight) - Back
Do you hear that? Yes, that’s tons of blast beats and fast drum arrangements. Swedish death and thrash band Defleshed push forth with brutal aggression on their album “Reclaim The Beat.” This metal trio has been around since 1991, and has some of the rawness that made At The Gates and Carcass known. Some elements are reminiscent a little to Witchery too. But this is a straightforward assault on you senses…tons of speedy, thrashy riffs. Fast-paced and abrasive, the beat keeps pounding and pounding! Mathius Modin from Dark Funeral does the mind-numbing racquet on the drums, that’s the main reason. There are tons of fast riffs that jump around and keep you somewhat fascinated. “Red Hot” is an interesting song…It’s a Motley Crue cover, but on steroids. Daniel Bergstrand did the production for this disc as well as In Flames, Meshuggah, and Behemoth. But what does this all accomplish? A lot of similar sounding riffs and something death and thrash fans can feast upon.

Rating: 74