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After listening to Deicide even during their Amon days I'd conclude that their first 2 recordings (self-titled & Legion) these in my opinion are still their best ever. Since the focus is on just this self-titled release only, that will be our focus.

The segue to this release as well as the ending of it depicts demonic doors being opened which in then comes the entire band with wrenching guitar distortion, hyperfast drumming and then the demonic vocals with backup of utterly Satanic portraiture and let me just tell you that Glen sounds absolutely possessed not only on "Lunatic Of God's Creation" but the entire album this possession occurs.

30 minutes of Extreme Death Metal in which Glen used to label Deicide as being "Satanic Rock 'n Roll" which sounds pretty weak in his description at the time and nowadays Glen refers to Deicide as being "Death Metal" which would be an accurate diagnosis. BUT! 30 minutes does not seem like a long enough time however every second of this release it is captivating to the listener as to how Death Metal should be played and was played even though this release is now 15 years old. It still captivates me because of its originality, intensity, and demonic portraiture.

Deicide musically I think in this release showed that they were capable of creating riffs on the guitar that were entirely extreme but comprehensive though with later releases such as (Serpents Of The Light) proved to be more melodic in nature though their self-titled release was filled with more passion, intensity, and guts though Scott Burns' produced self-titled Deicide with a more raw outlook which I think captivated the intensity even though all instruments were not mixed in as well as later releases. The raw sound is good though my only criticism of this debut release is that the drums lacked somewhat. For example, the snare did not bare being loud enough as it should've been.

Tracks 1-10 are all filled with blast beats, amazing riffs that are still to me captivating in originality though now I think they will never equal an album like this (except Legion). So in my opinion, Deicide's reputation fell through the cracks to fans who would subsequently feel the band was being lazy (I myself have drawn this conclusion) upon each succeeding release till this day (except Legion).

Who should buy this release you might be asking well I'd say anyone interested in uncompromising & Extreme Death Metal advocates. Or, if ambiguity still exists since my diagnosis was made I would also tell you that after 15 years of me listening to this Classic release it is second best (Legion in my opinion IS the best). If you want diversity in the type of Death Metal that you currently own well that isn't much applicable to this release even though there are tempo changes in pretty much every song the extremities are there mostly with time changes but overall I think it the MOST extreme album they've ever put out (though Legion is close to being this extreme but the vocals are less so than on it). Glen depicts himself vocally and lives up to the once interviewed view of himself as being "a walking abomination".

To cut through everything and making it very direct so you the reviewer are not convinced yet to own this album let me just tell you that I purchased this release when it first came out back in 1990 and not once no matter what anyone has said about it Deicide - Self-Titled is the MOST EXTREME, UNCOMPROMISING, DEMONIC, ORIGINAL & MOST SATANIC RELEASE they have ever been able to come up with.


Reviewed By: Death8699 -