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I was eagerly awaiting this album after playing out their self-titled debut Deicide - "Deicide" I was hoping that it was going to be as Demonic, ear shattering display of Death Metal I've ever heard as was in my opinion of their first release. Well, even though there are only 8 tracks and 30 minutes in length, Legion simply became my new favorite Deicide release!

Let me tell you why I esteem this album so highly: the production was excellent (thanks goes to Scott Burns), the songs were a little more technical than any of their releases, the vocals deep/demonic with occasional backup screams which was notorious on their first album, and the lyrics again deeply demonic thanks to Glen's Satanic/anti-christian views.

I will describe every song in detail to give you a better idea of what I'm talking about. Just one more thing: the lead guitars by Eric and Brian are absolutely amazing with arpeggios perfectly executed these guys ultimately shred!!!

1.) Satan Spawn The Caco-Daemon: Dreary intro accompanied by cries of lambs and demonic and guttural sounding sound effects enter the guitars, bass and drums into a hyper fast tempo with some sick riffing. This song in terms of the guitar was quite technical but perfectly executed and matching well with the demonic vocals Glen exhibits here. Steve on drums with insane blasts and hyper-speed double bass which is in perfect tempo with the rest of the band.

2.) Dead But Dreaming: Up-tempo guitars and drums with more original and sick riffs through out the whole track. Some various tempo changes then blast beating after Eric and Brian dish out incredibly fast riffing. Glen insane on the screams/growls. The lyrics again anti-christian designed to portray Deicide's demonic overtures.

3.) Repent To Die: Technical guitar intro from Eric and Brian and actually this song again here perfectly executed later riffs that occur on this track. Glen is convinced that he's going to tell the world that we are "wasting our last breath's on the Lord Jesus Christ). Repent To Die with all the tempo changes along with awesome execution of drums by Steve fully in synch with the guitars. Every track seems to me to be a favorite of mine no matter what.

4.) Trifixion: Sound effect intro of glass breaking segues into this incredible intro riff!!! Riff after riff until the vocals kick in with Glen's burly growls before he actually is bellowing out the lyrics. "Burning I bleed unholy incision mark of the beast behold the Trifixion!!!" All of the heavily distorted riffs on this track rule-various different tempo changes not to mention an extremely demonic voice saying "in the name of Satan, I condemn this image of God". This song is another classic Death Metal track!

5.) Behead The Profit (No Lord Shall Live): I'd have to admit that this isn't my favorite tracks but it does have some really cool riffs in it. The classic lyrics that Glen utters during the middle of the song: "end of God the way it must be, behead the profit let Satan free!!!" Anyway, a few riffs from Eric and Brian on this one are pretty killer. Though again I think the drums are outstanding Steve really kicking ass as usual. Pretty much an Up-tempo track except for the bridge which carries with some of the sickest riffs on the whole song.

6.) Holy Deception: Intro guitar only dishing out this sick guitar riff then enter the band and playing it during 2 total verses. This song isn't as technical as some of the others on this release but the riffs are original and though there aren't as many of them as on other tracks it still remains one of my favorites on here. It was put together in perfect synchrony as with the other tracks though just fewer riffs on this one. But man do they really stick in your head! The intro and outro vocal onslaught which is repeated once again on the outro Glen in perfect synchrony with the music. Holy Deception dominates!

7.) In Hell I Burn: Blast beating intro segues into hyper fast guitar riffs and vocals except for the chorus which has a little time change to it. Not my favorite song on here but I'd have to say some really technical guitar and heavy blast beating by Steve. Glen with some ultra-demonic lyrics here (what a surprise) such as "In hell I burn, my faith is sustained. In hell I burn again. In hell I burn no questions remain. In hell I burn for Satan." He's quite serious about this burning in hell seems to be his purpose for uttering such explicit lyrics. Anyway, the song is still good but I favor the earlier tracks as well as the last one.

8.) Revocate The Agitator: Intro blasts like "In Hell I Burn" just a shorter riff which pauses and segues into a fast tempo speed-picking (Eric and Brian in perfect sync) which then follows the verse riff which is repeated a couple of times on this track. Various tempo changes here but I'd say the highlights of this track are the guitar riffs. The drums still in great sync though as Glen's vocals/lyrics are quite bizarre if you ask me. This song is relatively short but still kicks major ass. The ending of the album with "Revocate The Agitator" said 4 times then brings the album to a closure.

Wow, what an experience if you are a Death Metal fan. Legion for me ranks in the top 10 Death Metal albums of all time!


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