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I'd have to conclude that this is Deicide's last good album because not only does it carry with it the similar characterists of their previous releases but it still contains the originality in the guitar riffs definitely. Of course lyrically Glen writes his usual hatred towards the higher power or God if you will plus the album cover depicts Jesus Christ simply looking like a Demonic figure as Glen utters that we be "free of Jesus Christ". Honestly, I have never really been into the Satanic lyrics just the music is what got me hooked to Deicide. Now that the Hoffman brothers are not longer in the band Glen says in a Terrorizer magazine that they are the "ding-dong brothers". Not much respect for the amazing riffs and solos they've been able to display their talent but we won't touch on that further in this review.

There is less high-pitched vocals here though there are still backup screams though not as Demonic as their earlier releases like "Legion" or their ultra Demonic debut "Deicide - Deicide". In terms of the music it's still brutal and catchy as hell. The solos are also amazing especially the numerous and flawless ones throughout the entire release check out especially the intro to "Slave To The Cross". The guitar riffs aren't as technical as their older material but still very noteworthy and heavy as all hell.

I'd have to say that they were NOT as a whole lazy on this release it seems to still portray their talent in songwriting. Though they exhibited less blast beating drums by Steve Asheim he still does a great job staying in sync with the guitars. There isn't a track on here that I dislike at all because they still proved to the Metal community that after the years of being one of the leading Floridian Death Metal acts showing us they can still kick major ass!

If you are eager to know which tracks to download first I would suggest getting "Believe The Lie", "I Am No One", "Bastards Of Christ" and "Serpents Of The Light". This will give you an idea of what the album has to offer some great tracks and I would consider them to be the best ones on the album.

The production is by Deicide and Scott Burns-Scott now retired still does a great job production wise. The album is loud and evenly mixed to near perfection. All of the tracks in great synchrony, heavy and hate filled Deicide is notorious for. The artwork by Nizen R. Lopez quite sick and portraying the son of God as Demonic as possible.

Glen's vocals are deep and anything but boring because of the backup voice to go with the insane music. The Hoffman brothers still amaze me with their talent in riffing and soloing. It's too bad they are no longer a part of the band because they seemed to me to captivate the listener in every release up until this album. I wouldn't really recommend purchasing "Insineratehymn", "Scars Of The Crucifix" or "In Torment In Hell" because these releases are way way below their talent. They seemed on these releases to just put in half assed work that's why I consider "Serpents. ." to be their last good album.

Even though "The Stench Of Redemption" is their effort to redeem themselves I still think it's lacking because the Hoffman brothers to me were the core of the band. "Serpents. ." is an album that depicts Deicide's true talent in songwriting plus its originality in every respect even though the lyrics are anti-Christian the music draws the listener in to every single song. Anyone who thinks that "Serpents. ." was half-assed well they don't truly admire the amazing songwriting Deicide was notorious for from their self-titled release to "Legion" to "Once Upon The Cross" to "Serpents Of The Light".

If you are a true Death Metal fan then you need "Serpents Of The Light" to add to your collection because it is truly remarkable in pretty much every single respect!


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