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I got this CD the day it came out and man was I disappointed. I expected after 4 years that Deicide would come out with a quality release. But it seems that with each succeeding release they keep getting worse and worse. My view of this release has changed drastically though. Even though they slowed down a lot I still think that the songs are quality.

Why such a change in view with this? My reason is because I think that it is OK that they are trying something new instead of constantly blast beating everywhere and hyper fast guitar riffs/vocals. A lot of people I've talked to about this think that it's because Deicide is lazy in their songwriting with each new release. I think that with their anti-Christian stance and Satanic imagery hasn't changed only the songwriting style. I think that 'Insineratehymn' they just tried a different approach to their songwriting.

I know that I myself have bashed this album to death because I expected another 'Self-Titled' or 'Legion'. I've concluded that bands change if everything was the same with their style then it would make their image predictable. I'd say that only the lyrics are predictable but the way the Hoffman's write their riffs and solos on this one they did a decent job not the best of course in my opinion but at least it's different.

It took Glen I think 3 months to write the lyrics. . His vocal style hasn't changed much just gotten deeper and with this one just a few backup screams that's about all. Most of it is a little slower in vox but still decent and filled with hate against God. As to if he is truly a Satanist that is in question. But having a branded inverted cross on your forehead there really shouldn't be in question that he is a Satanist. I've just talked to a few people about this and they uttered that it was just the image he wants to portray that he really isn't one. Well, I suppose it doesn't matter but I was always convinced that he was one.

Steve has always delivered quality drum tracks on all Deicide releases. I can't think of an album where he slacks off. Here on 'Insineratehymn' my view hasn't changed. He has always been consistent, talented, up to par on every song no matter how complex the guitar tracks have been. Since 'Insineratehymn' is slower he still has some quality drumming here.

In conclusion, I suggest that you give 'Insineratehymn' a fair shake before you make your conclusion on the album's integrity. Just because they slowed down here does not mean that the songs aren't quality. Check out "Bible Basher", "Standing In The Flames", "Suffer Again" and "The Gift That Keeps On Giving".


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