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It actually took me many listens to before I thought about giving 'The Stench Of Redemption' a comprehensive review. This is the first album with the new Deicide lineup the Hoffman brothers are out now Jack Owen (ex-Cannibal Corpse Guitarist) and Ralph Santolla (ex-Iced Earth Guitarist) replaced them. In my honest opinion, I think Ralph's solos are brilliant lightning fast this guy reigns in this department. Amazingly enough, Steve Asheim their long time drummer wrote all the music for this album! The new guitarists wrote the leads and harmonies they did a damn good job!

People have said that Glen's vocals are the best in years but honestly I think they were quite monotonous and boring. But to me it's better that I don't know what he's saying because all of his lyrics over the years he's bashed Christianity and promoted Satanism. Maybe he adheres to his convictions that he's laid out on all Deicide lyrics. I think his vocals were the best on the first 2 Deicide releases on their debut release self-entitled Glen sounded possessed!

The songs are longer then they ever have been "The Lord's Sedition" being the longest! I honestly think that they are however less catchy now. I favored the Hoffman brothers riffs and leads though Jack and Ralph do a great job in the rhythm/lead guitar department. It's just that Deicide seemed to click more when the Hoffman brothers were in the band although I think 'Serpents Of The Light' was their last great album with the band afterwards it seemed as though they just got lazy.

'The Stench Of Redemption' is worth checking out because it is aggressive, dark, and different plus Deicide seems to be revived now this release is one of their best out of the 8 studio releases by them. I never favored Glen's topics in the lyrical scene but they just reflect the band's name which Deicide means "The Killing Of All Gods". This release is over 40 minutes in length and my opinion has changed regarding it's effectiveness in reflecting the Death Metal genre (which Glen doesn't agree with).

Check it out at least the title track and "Desecration" which are my favorite tracks. They also cover Deep Purple on the last song the lyrics were re-written by Glen and the music is Death Metal just the melodies are based on the original artist's work.


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