Deinonychus - Mournument (My Kingdom Music) - Back
An accurate title for such a dark, depressive sound. Such is Deinonychus' 5th full-length album, "Mournument". There are comparisons I could unfold and contrast to this current trio but to be perfectly honest, no one actually sounds like Deinonychus. I believe suicidal black/dark metal would be a decent label, but who really cares about types of metal and genres in this day and age? The agonizing vocals delivered from Marco Kehren (also known for his contributions in the German band, Bethlehem) are perfectly coherent with the melancholic flow of darkness. Proof is such in what is my favorite track, "The Crimson Tides - Ocean of Soliloquy pt. II"! The music is so obscure and atmospheric and real, that if someone had to live a life of shame and be ridiculed for it, I believe the music of Deinonychus is a much, much worse experience (in a good way - musically). Sarcasm is sometimes an understated conclusion, but in this case... none is needed! Take "Mournument" to your graves...

Rating: 86

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell