De Lirium's Order - Diagnosis (Shadow World Records) - Back
Kuopio, Finland is the home of the band De Lirium’s Order. On their new album “Diagnosis” they have put a disc that is balanced between brutal death metal and heavy and catchy thrash. These ten songs are showcases in digipack CD form and lasts for over fifty hellish minutes.

If you haven’t heard De Lirium’s Order yet they can remind you of a host of bands including Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, Vital Remains, Brutality, Slayer, Deicide, and Testament. Basically, it’s heavy, thrashy, death metal with brutal technicality. Brutal and abrasive all around.

My favorite part of their music is the heavy, catchy riffs; there are quite a few of them too, at least a few in each song. The solos are decent to quite good, depending on the parts. It’s nice to see solos used well and not overused. The guttural death vox are decent, nothing special, but well fitting. Unyielding drums keep everything in line. The use of different tempos keeps their music relatively vibrant especially since most of it is fast.

“Diagnosis” was recorded from March to April 2007 at Perkele-studio, Finland. All recorded elements seem well balanced and nothing to distract the listener.

In reflection of De Lirium’s Order “Diagnosis” there are some cool riffs but nothing that gets your attention enough to keep much of the album active on your mind. It’s hard to say this isn’t good but its not too memorable either. I guess one could say that these guys are on the verge of putting out some really good metal.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins