Delirium X Tremens - Cyberhuman (Independent) - Back
The Italian brutal death group Delirium X Tremens has released their first mini CD called “Cyberhuman.” You can hear some similarities with Deicide, Withered Earth, and even some Death within their own music style. There are things to highlight and to improve upon. This album has a cool beat to it, but for a lack of better word it almost seems like generic death metal. I can hear some technical compositions, but it becomes drawn out at times. They use various nice heavy riffs then you will hear an unperfected riff. Also, they need to tighten up the production, I noticed a few recording imperfections. There are parts of songs that remind me of the Deicide sounding side of the band and parts with a Death approach. Vocally they often remind me of the band Silicon Head and a little of Withered Earth. “Cyberhuman” is a five-song mini CD at a length of almost 22 minutes. Of the five stracks the acoustic song was probably the best all around song, followed by the title track “Cyberhuman” and “Science.” The acoustic parts are quite pleasing (Delirium 9991), good contrast to the other songs. Their music is in a cool direction, but they need to work on it. You can’t expect to play like the band Death overnight, but at least they are experimenting.

Rating: 62