Demiricous - Two (Poverty) (Metal Blade Records) - Back
Demiricous’ sophomore full album "Two (Poverty)" was released late last year on Metal Blade Records. I was very interested to hear how Demiricous would follow up 2006's "One (Helbound).” An album that I found enjoyable, despite their extensive and rather blatant borrowing (to put it nicely) from Slayer. So, have Demiricous managed to step out Slayer’s long and ominous shadow?

"Two (Poverty)" mixes a liberal dose of modern grove metal in with the classic thrash riffs that Demiricous are know for, distancing the band from the straight ahead Slayer worship of their previous album. The songs are catchy and well written, succeeding at mixing the faster thrash parts and thick meaty grooves to create an enjoyable and cohesive sound. Vocally, Nate Olp has abandoned the raspy death metal shriek of the previous album for a horse, almost sung yell. Remarkably, this new vocal style bears a striking resemblance to Slayer’s Tom Araya. While the vocals sound good and fit the music well, this change will undoubtedly draw more comparisons to Slayer and hamper Demiricous’s ability or establish their own identity.

"Two (Poverty)" is an enjoyable album and really doesn’t have a bad song on it. Having said that, originality is not the band’s strong suit and you have probably heard all of this before. Kerry King has said several times that he likes this band a lot, and if King can forgive the similarities than who am I to complain?


Reviewed By: Garett F.