Demon Dagger - Aftershock (Recital Records) - Back
"Aftershock is the debut album of this Portuguese quartet called Demon Dagger. With the average of 18 years old, you might not expect much. But, you will definitely will be delightfully surprised when you hear this album. Their main influence is Megadeth, and when you hear it you will be surprised its not Megadeth. I personally believe that this album is better then anything that Megadeth has put out in the last five years if not longer. You might hear a touch of Corrosion on Conformity and the crunch of Machine Head as well. All songs on this CD are great and get your adrenaline flowing. Eleven tracks expand over 43 minutes. When you finally get a chance to listen, you will understand why Demon Dagger named their album "Aftershock."

Rating: 90