Demonicon - Condemned Creation (Root Of All Evil) - Back
Originally named Dominion, the band Demonicon finally releases their first full-length CD for Root of all Evil Records, called "Condemned Creation." I think this band has an interesting sound, kind of a Deicide cross with Death, and a little bit of Death-Grind, like Cephalic Carnage. So you can see that this band is totally metal, and brutal to boot. The production quality reminds me of the early nineties where death metal was a little raw, but not to raw to ruin the music. This CD has twelve tracks of furious rage and lasting over fifty minutes. This CD didn't really have many songs that stood out over the other songs. It just seemed to have quite a few decent tracks, which included "Resmortevante," the title track "Condemned Creation," "Ascension," "Infested," "Animal of Instinct,"and "Exile Ingrown" which I think is my favorite track from this CD. There are a couple short acoustic instrumentals on this CD, which it is always refreshing to hear a little change. It will be interesting to see what these guys do next, they definitely sound comfortable with the style of metal they are doing. Only time will tell.

Rating: 76