Denata - Deathtrain (Arctic Music Group) - Back
If you are looking for something heavy, intense and unrelentless, then “Deathtrain” was written with you in mind. Denata has created an album that doesn’t stop punishing your ears from the beginning to the end. The inspiration for this album came from the eighties’ thrash and death metal bands, and they took that and made it their own. The twelve spine tingling songs and almost twenty-eight minutes goes by quickly with their fast and to the point songs. My favorite tracks include “The Black Lodge,” “The Funeral” and “Kill Your Roots.” I found it interesting that while Denata was recording this album, without a contract, they were contacted by the Arctic Music Group and struck a deal with them. With that said, you can understand why this album wasn’t over produced. It has an old school thrashy sound. And every time I listen to it I think, “the louder you play this album the better it sounds!”

Rating: 74