Denata - Art of the Insane (Arctic Music Group) - Back
OK I grew up on this stuff, so am I in heaven or am I just in hell? Haha - thrash lives!! It's so great to hear how fresh this is to my metal ears. With years of being poisoned by 3rd-rate black/death metal bands without technically-shredding and choppy guitar musicianship, not to mention the virus known as power metal that has multiplied tenfold, I have no clue how it stays alive. Actually, no, I love alot of black/death metal and very limited amounts of power metal (Iced Earth, Helloween). However, Denata has calculated a formula of elite old-school Thrash metal in the vein of Kreator and Destruction (remember Revenant or Demolition Hammer in the early 90's?!). Superb production (which never really mattered in the day), choppy and catchy technical guitar rhythms with a hint of Swedish-style death metal thrown in - that's always a good combination. Thrash is thrash and thrash is a hard hitting musical experience. My favorite track is "No More Dawn" as everything aforementioned is the very essence here. A solid metal choice for anyone with any roots whatsoever, not extremely original, but not bad!!!

Rating: 80

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell