Denata - Departed To Hell (Independent) - Back
This three peace band from Sweden, definitely has something going on with their music. Denata, an old school thrash band, keeps you motivated all throughout their CD. Their music sounds a lot like Witchery, but more chaotic and furious. This CD "Departed To Hell" is their first recorded album, but it is not available to the public. Its basically for promotion, and if you want to hear some of their music, which I highly suggest, check out their homepage at You can download MP3s of "Happy Days," "Sent From Hell," and "666." All of those songs are good, but my personal favorites are "Kill You With A Saw," "Mistess Of Buffalo Shit," and "Carry The Eels." Denata has yet to be signed, I would assume that they will get signed by the end of the year, hopefully that's true. Anyone that is interested in old school thrash or the Witchery sound will like this band, there is no doubt it my mind. Now all they have to do is make an album to be released to the public and all will be happy!

Rating: 82