Depression/Haemorrhage - Zur Stille Finden/Live in the Morgue (Cudgel Agency) - Back
A split CD called "Zur Stille Finden/Live in the Morgue" is the latest music by the death/grindcore bands Depression and Haemorrhage. Twenty-two songs that last over forty-eight minutes, eleven songs each and over twenty minutes for each band. The bands have at least one cover each. Depression does their version of the Agothocles song "Enough." Haemorrhage plays covers of Carcass "Pyosisified," Regurgitate "Disgorging Foetus," and Impetigo "Staph Terrorist." Haemorrhage also has a few songs that are from their 10th anniversary gig. Besides that there isn't to much that grabbed my attention. It is a typical death/grind CD. Both bands do have some good riffs throughout their half of the disk, but not enough to many songs together. "Under The Pale Moonlight," "Jimmy Was In Town," and "Deranged For Loathsome" are good, but that's about all that interested me. If you're a fan of either band or grindcore in general you might like this, otherwise you might want to stay away.

Rating: 62