Desensitised – Thriving On Carnage (Bleedin’ Hemmorhoids Records) - Back
The Netherlands is the home of the death metal band Desensitised. Their music is a violent mix of extreme death and a little grindcore. The best description might be something of an Incantation and old Carcass mix. Musically the songs are expeditious and similar to each other so the band isn’t too dynamic. There isn’t much to get you into the songs, except for the occasional riff, but this CD isn’t band either. It’s nothing special, plain extreme death metal. Desensitised need something in their music to pull it out from behind the wall filled with bands, just like them. Seven tracks and sixteen minutes will make nod your head a few times. “Torchure” is probably the best that the band has to offer on the disc, and it’s a fine song. Maybe in the future Desensitised will start making a name for themselves after another album or too.

Rating: 58