Desire - Locus Horrendus - The Night Cries Of Sullen Soul (Independent) - Back
A heavy doom and death sound encircles “The Night Cries Of Sullen Soul.” Desire uses this sound that is reminiscent of bands like Old Theatre of Tragedy, My Dying Bride, November’s Doom with an atmosphere a little like Tiamat’s “Wild Honey.” These guys actually take this sound to an extreme. A slow riffing style that at times is almost painfully slow; Maybe to slow. The nearly seventy minute long, thirteen track CD includes about half the songs on my list of favorites. “…An Autumnal Night Passion (Movement II)” is my favorite song followed by a few others including “…An Autumnal Night Passion (Movement I),” “Frozen Heart…Lonely Soul…” and “Dark Angel Bird (A Poet of Tragedies). I’m very interested in seeing what this band does next, I think they a really close to having a really well liked doom death album.

Rating: 76