Destruction - Thrash Anthems (Candlelight Records) - Back
A favorer of Thrash Metal I am, and let me tell you that "Thrash Anthems" simply dominates. Still kicking ass at their age these German thrashers compiled an awesome "Best Of" CD. With modern recording makes this release that much more dominating. In the past I'd have to conclude that their recordings were production-wise way under par ("Infernal Overkill" and "Eternal Devastation/Mad Butcher") are prime examples of this.

Mike on guitars tunes down I think to D-tuning previously everything was pretty much in standard tuning. This makes the recording sound much heavier. Schmier once again as Frontman/Bassist and Marc on Drums/Backing Vocals. If you liked "Inventor Of Evil" then "Thrash Anthems" is definitely for you!

There are 2 new tracks ("Profanity" & "Depostition") that kick ass! If you are a fan of previous Destruction releases don't miss out on some great re-recordings here. Mike on guitars adds a little variety to each re-recorded song they aren't exactly as they were played on previous releases he fine tunes them but still bad ass!

Schmier's vocal onslaught is much more like the older releases. . Very unique and kick ass with Marc also helping but on this department. Over 70 minutes of killer Thrash Metal!!! Don't miss out pick up "Thrash Anthems" ASAP!


Reviewed By: Death8699 -