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There lies a controversy whether this was a studio version live CD or an actual live CD. In either case, this release simply is Thrash Metal domination! All of the classic Destruction songs featured on here!!! Destruction never abandoned their Thrash roots and this release is a good example. Their first few releases ("Sentence Of Death", "Infernal Overkill", & "Mad Butcher/Eternal Devastation") lacked good productions but there was definitely some classic tracks on those albums featured here on this live release which is well produced and executed.

What captivated me was Harry's guitar solo (just him without the rest of the band) showing his amazing talent executing incredible licks. The drums by Olly Kaiser are simply pounding with extreme intensity well composed in synchrony with the rest of the band. He replaced their previous drummer Tommy Sandmann who was featured exclusively on "Sentence Of Death". This 4-some display some real talent here both guitars (Mike Sifringer & Harry Wilkens) in great synchrony with each other though the bass guitar by Marcel Schirmer (Schmier) was not in my opinion loud enough and Olly Kaiser very solid effort on drums.

Destruction in my opinion has always Displayed original types of riffing and unique vocals by Schmier with lyrics touching on various aspects such as religion, depression, and composing awesome "Thrash Anthems" which is evident on this release. The riffs are not extremely technical if you are a guitarist you probably like myself take note of this but still original sounding and excellently executed. On a sour note though this really does sound like a live studio release than an actual live release with a "real" crowd. It is well produced and mixed no doubt but the fact that I think it was recorded in a studio will take some points away from my overall rating of the album.

But still the track "Mad Butcher" is probably the best overall song they've ever released from their point of origin till present day (though "Inventor Of Evil" has some amazing songs on it). Incredible display of both guitarists in synchrony on the lead to this song (about halfway through it) Destruction just plain kicks ass!!!

If you are into Thrash Metal with songwriting originality (at least in terms of the guitar works) this release is worth picking up (despite the live studio release controversy which Schmier denies that it was a live studio recording but that it was actually recorded live).


Reviewed By: Death8699 -