Destruction - Eternal Devastation/Mad Butcher (Steamhammer Records) - Back
2 awesome releases packed into 1 CD!!! The downside of the albums would have to be the productions but looking past those factors I'd say these are classics to own. If you are into Thrash Metal then you need these!!! Of course there's been a lineup change but for these releases there's Harry on Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Mike also on Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Schmier on Bass/Vocals and Olly on drums.

I think their most famous song ever still till this date is "Mad Butcher". It's played a little differently than on "Sentence Of Death". It's much better on this release hands down. Anyway, Schmier's unique vocals under the rhythm guitar bits simply awesome! They also mix some acoustic/clean electric guitar bits on here. Quite a diverse 2 releases Destruction remains my favorite Thrash Metal act also because they did not abandon their Thrash Metal roots.

Besides the track "Mad Butcher", there are many classics on these including the cover of the Plasmatics "The Damned", "Reject Emotions", "Curse The Gods", "Life Without Sense" and "Eternal Ban". These songs are also on their "Live Without Sense" release. Again, looking beyond the lousy productions and just focusing on the music here lies some of Destruction's greatest songs!!! You should be able to pick this up under 10 dollars at your local record store that is if they have a diverse selection.

Rating: 80

Reviewed By: Death8699 -