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“Rising Up” is the debut album from Swedish power metal band Destynation. This album has gotten rave reviews from many well-established and otherwise websites and metal magazines, and on the first play I could understand why.

Destynation is a power metal band in that the musical focus is on the vocal and guitar melodies, but the one thing that separates these guys from other power metal bands is that their sound is very bipolar. For example, the song “Freedom” begins with a very deep dark, low-key guitar riff, but as the song progresses, both the musical and vocal melodies rise to a grand scale creating a feeling of hope and jubilation. This is a common trait in their music which also happens vice versa, best described by lyrics from the album’s title track which go as follows: “Rising up into another world, rising up, and falling down again.” The dark-to-light, light-to-dark musical scheme creates a rollercoaster of thought and emotion for the listener as the lyrics explore everything from what lies beyond the “Shadowgate” and one’s own “Threshold Of Pain.”

“Rising Up” is a very well produced album; the music keeps a steady course between artistic vision and simplicity. For example, the music does not trail off into overly-complex tangents but is not repetitive at the same time. You will notice many common elements between songs, but each song is different enough to keep you interested.

If you are interested in hearing a few songs, Destynation’s website provides two free mp3 downloads from the “Rising Up” album and two Windows Media Videos, all of which are worth checking out.

Excellent album, good production values, can’t wait for a follow-up!

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Reviewed By: Brian Grefrath