Devilyn - XI (Conquer Records) - Back
Poland keeps on delivering great releases for the underground and this is certainly no different. I have to say that Devilyn's 4th full-length, “XI”, is ultimately the band's best! From the bands beginning years (about 10 years past), the technicality alongside the brutality keeps getting more vicious and precise. To those of you a little unfamiliar with Poland's Devilyn, they are kind of similar to Vader and Decapitated with more technical riffs! “XI”, or just “11”, consists of 9 tracks (8, without the 45 second intro) and is a very short 25 minutes playing time. Have the numbers confused you yet? Nevertheless, Devilyn boast of thunderous bass riffs, shredding rhythmic & technical lead guitars, absolutely brutal & precise pounding on the drums and Lord Worm-like vokills. “XI” is both diverse and uncompromisingly aggressive. For further details, check out the tracks "The Enemy Within" (which can be heard at either their web-home or Conquer Records web-home) and "God Eater", which both display every members' musical capabilities in full force! Hell I could probably just say buy it, it's brutal! However, I'd rather just force feed you this disc on a golden platter...

Rating: 92

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell