Dew-Scented - Issue VI (Nuclear Blast) - Back
Back once again to the metal fold is Dew-Scented with their new masterpiece “Issue VI.” On this CD, they have a thrashy death sound that really is an onslaught of pain. Death metal and Slayer-like riffs cover their latest disc like the blood dripping down a freshly slashed throat! Speaking of which, the vocals remind me a little of Macabre, along with a more gutteral heave form. Are there hardcore influences? Probably not, but parts do remind me a little of Lamb of God and other metallic hardcore. Quantities of nice technical aspects are spread out along with some shredding solos. You would almost think that Slayer did them. Death blast beats, catchy brutal riffs are also well-used components that add to this assault. Just when you think a song is going to be only an average one, they throw in an awesome riff or two. “Issue VI” is a very aggressive, well-rounded, energy-filled disc, and it probably will end up in your collection.

Rating: 86