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This onslaught of vicious hate has been brought to you courtesy of Diatribe from the land down under. Diatribe is a 4-man "verbal attack" whom play a kind of aggressive metal similar to groove-laden thrash/metalcore bands such as System of a Down and Machine Head. Every song on this 6-track EP is extremely catchy and there is even extra live CD-Rom material just to get a feel of what they may sound like at a show. In my opinion, a lot of bands have tried to mold together a style similar to this. Diatribe, on the other hand, actually has the attitude to back the music they are set out to conquer. Not only is their presentation catchy, their music has some technicality and progression where it needs to be without sounding nonchalant like so many other acts sound. That, to me, is the difference. These guys aren't exactly knocking down the originality door, but it for the most part, works nonetheless.

Rating: 77

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell