Diesel Machine - Torture Test (SPV) - Back
Who would like to take the "Torture Test?" I definitely would, especially after hearing the latest Diesel Machine album. This band has so many good, heavy as hell riffs, it's just plain sick. I don't think I have heard a band play like this since the last Meshuggah album. Diesel Machine does sound similar to Meshuggah, with a cross of Pro-Pain and a little Fear Factory. It's music that could grow head banging hair on the dead. Every song on this CD has riffs that are so heavy and groove driven, that their band name seems as a perfect fit. Their riffs are like driving a tractor trailer, going over one hundred miles an hour, into rush hour traffic. As I said before, it's heavy as hell! Even though I liked every song on this CD, I was able to extract a few as my favorites. The title track "Torture Test," "Sick," and "State Of Panic" all kick ass. Forty-five minutes of metal, with eleven tracks will send you on your way to the metal asylum. If anyone has a chance to see these guys live, go into the mosh pit for me, I'm sure it will be insane!

Rating: 90