Dimmu Borgir - Spiritual Black Dimensions (Nuclear Blast Records) - Back
Dimmu Borgir's latest 50 minute masterpiece 'Spiritual Black Dimensions' (Nuclear Blast Records) has definitely set them aside from other Black Metal bands. It has also done away with the story of them ripping things off other black metal bands from Europe. This album has nine, well thought out songs, all of which have an original sound to call their own. Many of the songs have a similar feeling to those on 'Stormblast,' which, most people consider, their best effort. Some of the better songs are "Reptile," "Behind the Curtain of Night Phantasmagoria," "Dreamside Dominions," and "The Promised Future Aeons." 'Spiritual Black Dimensions' has definitely been worth the wait. A rating of 96 is the best way to describe this album, though that rating alone does not do it justice. All songs are great! Unfortunately, if you are in desperate need of seeing this band, you will need to go to Europe where they are doing an extensive tour and are more appreciated. The band recently acquired Nicholas Barker, a well known Black Metal drummer, formally from Cradle of Filth. This acquisition can only improve the talent among their ranks and can only make you wonder: "what will they come up with next?"

Rating: 96