Dir En Grey - Withering To Death (Warcon Records) - Back
“Withering To Death” is the first album I’ve heard from Dir En Grey. It’s their fifth album and in my opinion, it makes the listener feel like there is something missing. First off it’s all weird sounding, and kind of all over the place. I hear all sorts of different music styles within their music including 80’s rock, nu metal, industrial, thrash, death, gothic, emo, hair metal, hard rock, etc… Maybe that’s why it seems so random and chaotic to me. There are some really awesome parts too, but I can’t help but say that their sound is somewhat uncohesive. Dir En Grey get their influences from classic Japanese rock. That could also be a reason why I just don’t get it. I believe that most, if not all of the lyrics are in Japanese as well. But on stage it is said that they have an impressive live presence and unique appearance. This visual aspect is very important in Japan and I’m sure will entertain worldwide. The US release of “Withering To Death” contains a bonus DVD with 4 videos and live concert footage. Like I said there are some redeemable parts but too jumbled for my tastes.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins